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Bine ai venit pe Servarul TosaMu


Mometan Servarul nostru este pornit In Beta, cand va fi disponibil o sa anuntam pe discord si pe site.

Va Multumim.


Season 6 Episode 17


Experience 15x

Reset Level 400 > Keep all Points > Plus 500 WCoinC

Vote Server - Good Reward

Search Store in game > Menu

Search Party in game > Menu

Maximum vauts available [5+5]

Maximum in Party - 10 Players

Modern Jewel Bank in game

Online Reward - 5/WCoinC / Hour

Reward OnLine Lottery - WoinC

Reward Custom Quiz - WoinC

Reward Quests - WoinC

Guild Vault, can be accessed by everyone in the guild.

Ranking in gameplay > Menu

New Skins, New Effects, New items until Season-17

New Quests in every map -- Great Rewards

New Maps - Ferea, Nixies Lake, Swamp_of_Darkness, Acheron, Kubera Mine, Nars ..
New Bosses - Lord of Ferea, Nixie, *** of Darkness, Core Magrify, Lord Silvester ..


Posted 26 / 01 / 2023

Currently this is only one server.